Porsche management game – HPM

High learning success and better understanding of the company

Initial situation:

As a sports car manufacturer, Porsche is confronted with various trends that have a massive impact on its business model. As part of management development, employees should understand the company’s key business figures, gain a general overview and become familiar with the controlling processes.


In an exciting business game, the participants took over the spin-off of a sports car manufacturer and led it to success in the competition. Cross-departmental processes were taught. This made it possible to demonstrate a holistic solution in a comprehensible way.


The program has been so successful that it has now been extended to all of the company’s employees. After the training, the participants all said that they had learned a great deal, gained real “aha” experiences and a better understanding of the Porsche world. All participants attributed this to the fun factor they had while learning the content.

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