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The BIMS®online business game event

Business simulation with Bayer AG

The Bayer International Management Simulation (BIMS) is an annual business simulation that we offer in cooperation with Bayer AG. It was developed in 1991 in response to increasing globalization and changing training needs.

BIMS Bayer International Management Simulation

This gives both experienced and inexperienced participants the opportunity to learn or deepen their knowledge of business management by managing a fictitious company. In addition to realism, the focus is also on teamwork and the joint development of a strategy.

International simulation participants

In BIMS®online, the teams simulate seven financial years of a company operating globally in the markets of Europe, Asia, South America and the USA. They learn about all areas of management with an international focus and in direct competition with all other teams.

After each period, the teams are evaluated in terms of company performance and planning accuracy. The four best teams will be invited to a one-week final round in Leverkusen.

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