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Stock market simulations

We develop web-based stock market games and implement them as special learning events. They offer every player a real live experience through interactive participation in a major real event. This fascinating, exciting and gripping form of practical learning is particularly suitable for training in business management topics: Market, competition, strategy, risk, entrepreneurial thinking and action. Here, successful management practice is experienced live on a real challenge and learned sustainably.

In order to meet the highest standards, each solution is individually tailored to the customer.

Olympia Boersensimulation

Olympic stock market simulation game

One example is the Olympics Stock Market Game: In an international leadership development program with managers from 25 different countries and all 5 continents, a wide range of leadership and management topics were dealt with intensively over several months.

In a team exercise on the topic of “Strategy & Customer”, the participating teams dealt with strategy development and implementation as well as dealing with competition and risk in a fun way. The Olympics stock market game forms the framework.

Olympics is a virtual market on which shares of the countries participating in the real Olympics are traded. While the athletes compete for medals, the teams speculate on the success or failure of the Olympic nations.

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