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Clever moves for real management skills

In addition to the classic forms of training, we also offer you the development and operation of your own individual business game.
Because learning needs real-life challenges and social interaction in motivating learning arrangements. Learning takes place through concrete experience, through action and interaction, through reflection and transfer based on a realistic, exciting challenge. And this is exactly where our business games come in, in terms of action learning.

We would be happy to develop a business game tailored specifically to your company that reflects your business areas, your processes, your organization, your key figures and your terminology.

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With our expertise in mapping complex business structures, we work with you to incorporate your specific company circumstances, issues and requirements into a simulation.

As a leading simulation game manufacturer, we work both offline and online to flexibly integrate your individual simulation game into your existing learning architectures.

In addition to simulations developed specifically for your company or industry, we also offer ready-made standard simulations. We can also customize these for you to a certain extent so that they can be used quickly. This variant offers an attractive, individual alternative, especially for smaller companies and universities.

More information about your individual business game from HPM.

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