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Complete training sessions online on the web

Our web-based training courses are award-winning and tried and tested. More than 20,000 participants have already booked the web-based training courses as individual measures. The following programs

  • Cost accounting
  • Balance sheet and income statement
  • Investment calculation

are available in German, English and Spanish. The learning time is between 8 and 16 hours per program.

The WBTs can also be integrated as an additional element in our simulations and thus offer an even greater learning curve.

Flexible learning with WBTS

Flexibility is the keyword. A web-based form of learning is always the right choice if you want to impart learning content regardless of time and place. This allows participants to decide for themselves when and where and, above all, at what pace they want to learn or what they want to repeat.
Another plus is that no software needs to be installed, but the web-based training courses can be started directly online without expensive licenses.

Here you can find more information about our web-based training courses and the individual WBT contents.

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