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Simulations also in the Assessment and Orientation Center

Our AC-SIM online simulation adds another component to your assessment center methods.

The advantage of online simulation compared to conventional psychological methods lies in the objective comparability of the test results.

The candidates’ task is to manage a company within a defined time frame. To do this, the participant must

  • record the basic structure of the company,
  • Record & process the decision-making areas (marketing, production, sales)
  • define a strategic orientation in response to market and competitive developments.


Due to the absolutely identical starting situation for all participants (same documents, same environment and starting situation), conclusions can be drawn about the

  • analytical skills
  • Focus on results
  • Organizational assets

of the participants. The test subjects are not only tested relatively (i.e. in the sample), but the results can also be compared in absolute terms with the overall test series. The company simulation is turn-based and can also be adapted to the target group and the objectives of the assessment or orientation center.

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