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Individual coaching with creative journaling

The innovative “Creative Journaling” method, which originated in the USA, promotes sustainable and deep reflection, which makes real personal development possible.

Equipped with a comprehensive creative set, the participants work on six different coaching topics in two months, which are comprehensively guided by videos, images and texts. Individual support is also provided via e-mail.

Working out strengths in a completely new format

creative_journalingDuring this time, each participant creates their own coaching book. In this way, the results can be documented not only creatively and individually, but also sustainably. In this way, the coaching workshops enable a structured, honest and clear examination of one’s own beliefs and behavioral patterns.

We were able to win Stefanie Voss and her LEADER on my SHIP program for this innovative method. – Gain clarity of purpose, self-confidence and decision-making skills and boost your own creativity with creative journaling!

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