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Circus and acrobatics as a unique team event

In “Business Variety”, the organizational developers at HPM GmbH, together with the circus educators from Circus ZappZarap, offer you a highly professional team event to enhance social skills, leadership and team building. In a unique way, educational approaches are merged with your goals to create a perfect experience.

Whether as a kick-off event, a thank-you, a company celebration, a Christmas party or to work on a wide variety of topics: The business variety show offers a unique experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Possible storyline of the business variety show

Your team – whether 15, 50 or 400 people – is supposedly looking forward to a fast-paced variety evening, the food is prepared, the lights are dimmed, everything is perfect – or is it? The artists are missing! Not booked, in a traffic jam or wherever. No matter, the evening must be saved.

And so the team members become actors and create their own show. They slip into unfamiliar roles, work together in a completely new way and gain valuable team experience. The accountant becomes an acrobat, the assistant a fire artist. With perfectly coordinated costumes and sophisticated lighting and sound technology, the result is a spectacle in a class of its own and a show that is second to none.

Everyone finds their place and a role that reveals their strengths. In the end, however, the most important thing is always the team, because something is created together that one person could never have achieved alone. Your team will have a shared experience that you can draw on for a long time in your company. Large companies such as BASF, Roche, Wacker, Bayer, but also small companies such as BE Training or Nordpack have already discovered this unusually exciting format for themselves in personnel and organizational development.

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Business Varietee Circus Training

Our starting point for your business variety show is your specific question and your event objectives. Here are some typical examples:

  • How do we quickly turn a ragtag group into a powerful team?
    (Goal: forming and developing teams)
  • How do we release the necessary energy of our employees for upcoming changes?
    (Goal: initiating and mastering change)
  • How can we unite cultures after a merger and create new identification?
    (Goal: post-merger integration)
  • How can we make our processes and collaboration better, faster and more efficient?
    (Goal: improve processes and increase quality)
  • How do we gain the right access and new impetus for important key decisions?
    (Goal: Strengthen innovation capability and network knowledge)
  • How do we create fertile ground for new visions and strategy anchoring?
    (Goal: Develop visions and anchor strategies)
  • How can we make customer orientation a reality at our respective location / workplace?
    (Goal: Living corporate values and mission statements)
  • How can we develop targeted core competencies and solve success-critical problems?
    (Goal: develop skills and problem-solving ability)
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