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Your reliable project partner

In our daily practice, we see ourselves as your personal partner and provide you with individual support in the implementation of your projects. Our way of working is always based on stable and trusting cooperation and is characterized by great and infectious commitment to your team and your organization. We want to integrate and motivate – to be “a little different”.

Our services support you according to the needs of your organization – always to the point

– be it in project management, monitoring your processes or providing commercial support.

In Consulting & Support, we offer you solutions for your needs in the following areas

Project management

  • Project Management Office
  • Project Back Office
  • Project Change Office

Process support

  • IT Service
  • Controlling (IT controlling and project controlling)
  • Finance & Accounting

Administrative support

  • All commercial topics

  Consulting process chain

Conceptualize and implement project work

As a result, we also receive the appropriate recognition for our customer work and achieve joint and therefore sustainable results for your success in this atmosphere of partnership.
It goes without saying that our focus is not only on the creative concept, but above all on implementation and realization. Collaboration and accompanying the solution from start to finish are at the heart of our work.

Further information on HPM consulting

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