Pilot training ran successfully.

Together with a large health insurance company, HPM has developed a simulation of the German healthcare market with 5 competing health insurance companies.

HPM’s accumulated expertise in the design of serious games in an educational context and its knowledge of the health insurance company’s healthcare market were incorporated into the development.

In addition to the macroeconomic model, the modeling of the individual health insurance fund plays a major role.

Specifics such as the healthcare fund and strict regulatory requirements from politics, but also business functions such as marketing had to be implemented.

Despite all the challenges in terms of content, methodological and didactic elements and the fun of the game were not allowed to fall by the wayside.

The simulation provides exciting gameplay and offers participants a challenging change of perspective. From the board of a health insurance company, to association work, to the simulation of a parliamentary vote on the health insurance contribution… The virtual business simulation thus integrates LARP (Live Action Roleplay) and business case elements in an unprecedented form.

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