Successful start at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

Successful start to the Master’s program in International Management at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences.

The new Master’s students develop their business skills in an experience lab! They take over the management of our virtual, medium-sized company and compete with their competitors in simulated markets.

The module „International Business Simulation Game“ by Prof. Dr. Bleuel and Dr. Berg was opened today together with Robert Talmon from HPM GmbH.

Robert Talmon makes it easier for students to get started with the management game with lots of practical tips about management interactive – a web-based business simulation for management training.

On the one hand, the simulation imparts knowledge of business management relationships in an international context and, on the other, knowledge of accounting in multinational companies.

The results of the decisions are analyzed taking into

  • the decisions of the competitors
  • the behavior of potential customers and
  • influences of the overall economic development

simulated, evaluated and made available to the participants in the form of results reports. The simulation model in management interactive contains all the important functional areas of a company that are to be managed in line with objectives from the teams‘ perspective.

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