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Efficient quality and document management

bizDocuments is a web-based quality management system that fulfills the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000 and offers a complete solution for document control and document management.
All company-relevant documents such as guidelines, directives or documentation can be managed with bizDocuments and distributed to the relevant target groups via a release workflow. The current progress of the workflow can be viewed via a status report. This ensures that all employees have the latest information. The documents are kept up to date with a sophisticated version management system. Older versions are archived and are still available.


The advantage is that the documents are only created and changed in one place, namely in bizDocuments. All employees or even just individual teams are automatically informed of new documents and changes and confirm receipt, acknowledgement and implementation in their daily work. This saves you extensive meetings and information cascades and allows you to prove with legal certainty that you have fulfilled your information obligations. More information is available from us in an individual web conference.

bizDocuments Quality management

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